We are all eager ears to hear your need, and fulfill it by using our best solutions that provide our clients with the satisfaction they need in order for their business to glow and grow.

Our Left Brain

Fatmah Abu Saadah

Founder, IT &

Web Developer

Noor Abu Saadah

Co-Founder & Web Developer

Our Right Brain

Wafaa Abu Saadah

Web & Visual Designer

Maram Alesayi

Motion Graphic Designer

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Fatema & Noor, two technology-obsessed sisters, realized the lack of women forces in the computer science field. Therefore, they gathered their powers and started a movement not only to answer today’s technology needs, but also tomorrow’s needs. They had a vision for a more powerful future with the technology solutions they don’t only provide, but also invent. They had answers for the Futuristic Needs.


But as time goes, their passion for creating websites only grew stronger.

They decided to bring their passion and power in line. Yet, something was missing.. two web developers couldn’t do it without a web designer to paint the picture first.

That was when their younger sister, Wafaa, came in to put the W in the WWW.FuturisticNeeds.COM to complete a picture painted by passion & power combined.

Today, Futuristic Needs family expanded from a group of passionate sisters, into a team of passionate creatives.

• Domain Registration

• Web Hosting

• Cloud Hosting

• Website Design &


• Mobile Application

• Digital Marketing

• E-mail Marketing

• Web Analytics



• Visual Branding

• Print Design

• Digital  Design


• Motion Graphics

• Logo Animation

• Data Analysis

• Content



Become a Futuristic by telling us about how your expertise can add to our team. We are always looking for talented and skilled individuals to be part of our Futuristic Family.

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